Champagne Bottle Sizes & How Much Champagne To Order

We get asked a lot about how much champagne to order so we’ve created a quick guide to answer all of these questions. If you were thinking about how much champagne per person at a wedding? How much champagne for a toast? Or how many glasses a bottle of champagne serves, this guide is perfect for you.

Champagne Bottle Sizes

At first all the different sized champagne bottles are quite confusing, is a Jereboam bigger than a Methuselah? Or will a Salmanazar be large enough for my wedding reception? Below is a simple guide to show you the difference between each bottle size and a reference point to how many glasses it will hold.

Bottle NameCompared To Standard BottleCapacityNo. Of Glasses
Split1/4 bottles187 ml2 glasses
Half1/2 bottles375 ml3 glasses
Standard1 bottles750 ml6 glasses
Magnum2 bottles1.5 litres12 glasses
Jereboam4 bottles3 litres24 glasses
Rehoboam6 bottles4.5 ltires36 glasses
Methuselah8 bottles6 litres48 glasses
Salmanazar12 bottles9 litres72 glasses
Balthazar16 bottles12 litres96 glasses
Nabuchadnezzar20 bottles15 litres120 glasses

How Much Champagne To Order?

It’s all well and good knowing how many glasses each bottle holds but you still need to work out how many bottles you need for your event. Below is a table to work out how much champagne will be needed per person for various different events.

EventGlasses Per Head102050
Apertif2 glasses479
Lunch or Dinner3 glasses51025
Cocktail4 glasses71433
Dessert1 glass249
Wedding Reception1 glass249